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Core Values

St Joseph's Core Values

In accordance with this belief, St Joseph’s core values together with the Nine Values of Australian Schooling of love, respect, compassion, tolerance, flexibility, optimism, forgiveness, integrity, cooperation and justice align with the five core competencies of Social Emotional Learning: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, Responsible decision making, Relationship skills, are promoted within our school for the pastoral care and wellbeing of all students.

At St Joseph’s we believe that we all have the right

To be treated with respect
To feel safe and be safe
To learn and to teach
To a welcoming, stimulating environment.

To achieve this at St. Joseph’s we:

Develop positive relationships within the community
Create a safe and inclusive learning and teaching environment
Develop sustainable community links and partnerships which will benefit all members of the community
Develop social and emotional learning skills
Engage students in effective wellbeing practices which focus on prevention and early intervention
Develop resilience to face the challenges of an ever-changing society with confidence
Employ a Psychologist.