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School Vision

St. Joseph’s School is a multicultural community sharing a common belief in a Catholic ideal of life centred on Jesus Christ. We offer students a learning program pervaded with the spirit and values of the Gospel. We are committed to an understanding that education aims to achieve 'wholeness' for all its members. The key features of our school are:


Our school has a special welcome for all – children, parents, staff, the newcomer, the outsider and the disadvantaged. As a school we strive to create a sense of home, a place of warmth, friendliness and openness; a place where children feel safe and at ease with others, where the Parish Clergy, parents, children and staff feel that they and their contributions are important and valuable.


The school is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where all children are safe and protected. The Pastoral Policy of our school is to encourage, accept, affirm and support all the members of our school and parish community. Through our policies and programs, we assist our students to become active and responsible Australian citizens.


Staff demonstrate a passion and dedication for teaching providing a stimulating and challenging environment. This encourages students to take initiative and become independent learners. We promote lifelong learning and excellence to assist our students to be active learners who can articulate and reflect on their learning. As a school we recognise that students learn in different ways and feedback is an essential component of the learning process. Our school fosters a strong partnership based on mutual trust and respect between students, parents, teachers and the wider community.


Our school seeks to promote learning as a partnership between the family and the school involving parents, students, staff and other community members.  Students are encouraged to have an active voice in the school community. All participate in the decision making processes based on the model of service that Jesus himself practised.


Our school provides the specialisation, the facilities and the resources for the benefit of the whole Parish community. We cater especially for those who are in need within the school community.


As a Catholic school community we celebrate together because of our common belief in Jesus the Christ expressed through the Eucharist, liturgies, sacraments and prayer. Our celebrations bring the school community closer together and to one other.


Our school is sensitive to the feelings of those who are struggling to succeed and live with dignity in the face of adversity. We look to the Gospel values of compassion, empathy, tolerance and reconciliation to help us overcome barriers and find new directions to enable us to move forward and grow.


Evangelisation is part of the missionary role of the Order of Franciscans Minor Conventuals (Grey Friars) which in turn is reinforced within the school. We welcome each and every child and encourage understanding and appreciation of different creeds and cultures, whilst fostering a knowledge of the Catholic Faith Community.

This Vision Statement is the cornerstone of our school policy. Consequently St. Joseph’s is committed to welcoming, supporting, educating, empowering, serving, celebrating, reconciling and evangelising in order to enable all members of our community to grow in body, mind and spirit.